Silptech is an organization under the joint membership of individuals working actively in various IT related fields. The company and its subsidiaries are principally engaged in the design of mobile applications. However, we are also actively involved in webpage designing along with developing desktop applications and web-based JAVA applications. Furthermore, we use the latest frameworks and tools for our applications to ensure that they keep up with the ever-changing landscape of technology.

Our company is young and growing, so we put our client’s best interests on top of anything else. We are focused on living up to our clients’ expectations and committed to high quality output. We understand that each industry works differently and has different prerequisites. That is why our services are built around your requirements and goals.

A fusion of innovative minds, creative ideas and energetic spirit, Silptech targets to make a meaningful mark in the IT market of the country.

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What We Can Do

Desktop Application

Web Application

Mobile Application

Core PHP

Core Java

Android Java

How We Work

SilpTech Team Work

At Silptech we first and foremost believe in client satisfaction through team work. By bringing every individual’s area of expertise together, we build applications that is up to the standards of our client's expectations.

We are careful and organized. That is why we work in phases. We sit down to truly understand your business and your requirements. We build modules, then test each and every one of them and retest them with our clients’ coordination. We work for you as well as with you. We don’t stop until our clients are satisfied.

Corresponding reports and documentations are provided to the client to understand the product better. We also offer training when required, regarding the product so that the client is easily accustomed to handling its functions. On-site as well as off-site maintenances are carried out based on the client's agreement with Silptech. We not only provide a high quality user-friendly product, but also provide you post project support regarding the product.

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